Welcome to IKEM!

IKEM - Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden is an industrial and employer organisation representing around 1 400 Swedish and foreign-owned companies with more than 70 000 employees. Member companies work in a broad cross-section of the chemical industry both as producers, distributors and users.

The member companies are active in the chemical and plastics industries, pharmaceutical manufacturers or bio-chemistry and bio-tech companies. IKEM also represents members from other sectors, for example, the stone, laundry, metal and recycling industries in employer-related matters. IKEM is active all over the country and is represented in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Växjö and Örebro.

IKEM was founded in December 2012 through a consolidation of the industrial organisation The Swedish Plastics and Chemicals Federation and the employer's organisation The Swedish Industrial and Chemical Employers Association.

The industrial section within IKEM consists of member companies that produce and distribute chemicals and plastic products in Sweden. IKEM represents companies in their contacts with authorities, government departments and politicians, and is a referral body and opinion-maker. IKEM actively works on information to members, authorities and investigations.

The employer section of IKEM negotiates pay, salaries and general conditions of contract to finalise Collective bargaining Agreements for the member companies. The member companies have constant access to legal advice concerning law and contracts, aid with negotiations and legal help in court proceedings.