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Two fields of competence give twice the strength

IKEM is an amalgamation of the industrial organisation The Swedish Plastics and Chemicals Federation and the employer’s organisation The Swedish Industrial and Chemical Employers Association. By combining the best of both worlds we can offer a full-fledged industry and employers’ organisation.

The synergies from the amalgamation are many and our strong, united voice is having a greater im­pact on politics and society than ever before.  The amalgamation also means that we have doubled the value of a membership. Perfect – because great benefit for our members is our ultimate goal.

We drive the industry´s issues

IKEM endeavours to increase knowledge of the possibilities offered by plastics and chemicals. We create opinion, inform decision-makers, act as a referral body, monitor the world around, provide communicate and interpret new rules and create industrial agreements. Our field of operations extends from the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications to newspapers’ editorial offices and members’ coffee rooms.

We promote our members’ interests in common industry issues, both in Sweden and abroad. Regional, national and international rules of play are coming to interact more and more, which means that the lobbying processes are becoming increasingly complex. That we are effective, offensive and constructive is therefore an important component in both our and thereby our members’ success. Participation in strong networks also means that we can attain our goals.

Sweden’s innovation and chemical industries are particular about motivated people with the right education also wanting and being able to work in the plastics and chemicals industry in the future. This is why we become involved in schools, for example in the form of new edu­cational materials and the highly appreciated Chemistry Day where over a hundred thousand pupils are inspired through experiments.

Every year we also present a wealth of activities including courses, conferences, seminars and interaction get-togethers. Not least to guide our members through Europe’s stringent chemicals legislation. Participants also have unique opportunities to forge new contacts and broaden their networks and exchange ideas and experiences with other companies.

We support our members as employers

We are an employers’ organisation focused on industrial companies. This means that our staff have long experience of employer matters specifically in industry. Our advisors, negotiators and experts are special­ised in for example labour law, application of collective agreements, equal opportunities, work environment, and pension and insurance matters.

Continuous guidance on laws and agreements, investigations and development work are part of our everyday work. We offer an extensive course programme and help our member companies with legal assistance in litigation proceedings and advice and guidance in negotiations.

Much of our work involves negotiating, among other things, on wages and salaries and general conditions for drawing up collective agreements for our member companies. Our ambition is to create the greatest possible flexibility so that the agreement can be adapted to each company’s specific operations and conditions.

As a contracting party, we are offensive and result-oriented. We can show the consequences that proposed agreements or changes in labour law have for Sweden and we know how important it is to be an attractive employer, i.e. attract the right competence and then retain it.

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