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Swedish discovery today. Tomorrow’s global innovation.

We are IKEM. We represent Chemical and innovation companies in Sweden and abroad with one and the same vision: to find industrial solutions to the global social challenges.

Our members’ discoveries and business are a prerequisite for sustainable growth and more efficient resource utili­sation, for example cleaner energy, more effective medicines and new trans­portation solutions. Many of these companies consider bio-based production of chemicals, materials, fuels and products to be a very real future. Some of them are in fact already there.

We are their effective, offensive and skilled partner. As the industry’s catalyst we pave the way for our Swedish member companies to reach the world and attract foreign-owned companies to invest in Sweden. The possibilities are boundless - as is our field of operation.

We play an important role regarding Sweden’s future as a leading industrial nation. Since chemistry is necessary for innovations also in other industries, our members are of crucial importance as regards how Sweden will stand up in international competition. And thereby also for Sweden’s prosperity and the prosperity we all enjoy together.

Promoting the industry of the future and stimulating growth and innovation are in other words our most important task. Always with our members in mind, never at the expense of the earth’s well-being. This insight drives us in everything we do, from inspiring tomorrow’s chemists is schools’ chemistry labs to persistently driving matters of industrial policy in the corridors in Brussels.

This is IKEM

IKEM – Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden represents 1,400 Swedish and foreign-owned companies with some 70,000 employees.

We are an industry and employers’ organisation for companies working with chemistry in a broad sense, both as manufacturers, distributors and users. The companies are chemicals and plastics industries, pharmaceutical manufacturers, refineries or biochemistry and bioengineering companies. We also represent members in the stone, cleaning, metal and recycling industries in employer matters.

IKEM works all over the country and we are represented in in Stockholm. Gothenburg. Malmö, Örebro and Växjö. IKEM is a member of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

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